Hair Cloning & Hair Banking

An Emerging Field of Hair Replacement Therapy.

The technology to clone an individual's own hair and use it in implant surgery is in its early stages .

Hair Cloning

Hair cloning (or hair multiplication, or stem cell hair therapy) is a proposed technique to counter hair loss. It seeks to bring hair regeneration and rejuvenation into clinical practice and make hair loss a thing of the past.

There is over 40+ years of basic research behind hair cloning, although more scientific and clinical research is needed before the concept is fully developed.

Experts previously assumed that in the case of complete baldness, follicles are completely absent from the scalp, so they cannot be regenerated. However it was discovered that the follicles are not entirely absent, as there are stem cells in the bald scalp from which the follicles naturally arise. Abnormal behaviour of these follicles is suggested to be the result of progenitor cell deficiency in these areas.

The basic idea of hair cloning is that healthy follicle cells or dermal papillae can be extracted from the patient from areas that are not bald and are not suffering hair loss, and they can be multiplied (cloned) by various culturing methods and that the newly produced cells can be injected back in the bald scalp, where they would act healthily and produce hair.

Hair Banking

Hair banking is the science of extracting a patient's own follicular units of hair and safely cryo-preserving them until needed.

The basic elements of hair cloning involves; obtaining a patient’s follicles, dissembling them to obtain the required cells, expanding these cells in culture (cloning) and then re-implanting them in the patient.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and involves your doctor taking approximately 50 hair follicular units from a patient under local anaesthetic units using a tiny punch extractor (FUE method). The patient’s own surrounding hair should easily hide the harvest sites and they can go back to normal life almost immediately.

Hair banking may be of interest to patients with a family record of hair loss who wish to ‘prepare for the inevitable’ or for patients who are experiencing significant hair loss from a young age.

The Knudsen Clinic is a Founding Clinical Partner with HairClone® and the first hair loss clinic in Australia to be affiliated with the organisation.

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