Revision Hair Transplant Surgery

We are dedicated to helping patients with unsatisfactory results from elsewhere.

Have you received botched hair surgery from another clinic, or have the result of your previous surgery diminished with time?

To the surprise of many patients, despite the TV marketing, many well-known Australian (and overseas) hair surgery clinics do not use an Australian-registered doctor to perform surgery.

Hair surgery clinics overseas are not regulated the same way they are in Australia.

Commonly, it is a low-paid ‘technician’ who is put in charge of performing your hair surgery, who may have undertaken a few weeks of training at most.

In Australia, it might be a nurse or medical professional who has undertaken their medical degree in a foreign country but has failed to achieve registration in Australia. They may call themselves a “Doctor” (and undertake the consultation) but they are not legally recognised as a doctor in Australia.

Unfortunately, many patients who have sought cheap surgery from inexperienced or cheap clinics end up with ‘botched’ surgery and are in need of a revision operation.

Our Doctors Discuss Botched Surgery

What are the causes of failed hair transplant surgery?

Surgical hair restoration has been performed as a treatment for male and female pattern baldness for 40+ years.

Although techniques have changed dramatically over the past several years making it possible to achieve natural-appearing results, there are still many patients with unacceptable outcomes. These patients may have had procedures performed in the past with antiquated techniques (eg: hair plugs) or performed recently at clinics with substandard techniques (eg: hairs implanted to grow in the wrong direction, etc).

The causes of unfavourable results can be classified into one of three categories:

The results for these patients can be dramatically improved through a number of different reparative surgical techniques. Generally, undergoing revision surgery using either FUT or FUE by a more experienced hair transplant doctor can improve outcomes.

How it works?

Revision surgery often starts by removing some of the hair follicles that were transplanted during the original surgery, which may be growing in an unnatural direction. These will be replaced with new hair follicles from the sides and back of the head.

When transplanting the hair follicles, great artists care is taken to ensure the hairs are implanted to grow in a natural way and in the correct direction consistent with your existing hair. This is often regarded as the hardest part of the procedure as it requires significant experience and artistic appreciation.

How to avoid getting botched hair transplant surgery?

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